Picotui, the most understandable tui library out there

Finally I use decent and minimalistic tui library, that is not hard to grasp. I wrote a short summary about what you can expect if you choose to use it for your project.

2020-09-04 | 5 minutes reading | tags: linux | tui

Howto secure you personal Linux VPS

Third article of the series about taking care of your own VPS. Let's dive into many standard hardening procedures needed to secure our new VPS.

2020-07-22 | 15 minutes reading | tags: VPS | linux | Self-hosting

Howto setup you personal Linux VPS

This is the second article of a small series about taking care of your own VPS. This one is about all necessary non admin things to think about when setting the VPS up.

2020-07-21 | 6 minutes reading | tags: VPS | linux | Self-hosting

Why setup your personal Linux VPS

This article is first from a small series about owning your personal VPS. It is about reasons why you should or should not host services by yourself on personal VPS.

2020-07-20 | 3 minutes reading | tags: VPS | Linux | Self-hosting

My journey to become a Gentoo fan

I started working with linux 17 years ago, more than 12 of those years is Gentoo my daily driver. And I still like it as much as in the beginning...

2020-07-13 | 7 minutes reading | tags: Gentoo | Linux | Personal