2022-08-08 | 5 minutes reading

My first year with OpenBSD

Last year in March, I made another review of OpenBSD and finally decided to migrate from Linux. At least in the case of my servers. But somehow I stuck with it on my personal laptop too, thanks to a lucky coincidence. Here is my migration story and my 5 cents about using OpenBSD as a daily driver on all my personal machines.


Because OpenBSD is much more secure, consistent, minimalistic, well documented and stable than Linux. At least in case of development cycle and usage of core OS, of course. So if you gravitate towards Unix principles, small binaries, KISS and you don't need cutting edge performance (most of you don't) than you should try it too.

Lucky coincidence

I decided to migrate what could be migrated and leave my laptop and working computer on Linux because of no support for several software stacks I needed daily in my work. Then, thanks to Covid and some events in work, I was able to stick with OpenBSD on laptop too, because I started to do 90% of work related things on my work desktop. So I decided to reboot to Linux if necessary for those missing 10% and stay on OpenBSD. So thanks to this I was about to move my 2 personal VPS servers, home internet infrastructure and my laptop to OpenBSD for good.

How it went?

Life with OBSD



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