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Thinkpad X330

I am a very happy user of a X330 for almost a year now, and I would like to share my thoughts with you.

2024-01-04 | 6 minutes reading | tags: Minimalism, Laptop

Does my setup suck less than few years ago?

I used to be xfce user for very long time. But I am suckless for several years now. Let's find out if it is good for me and/or if it may be good for you too.

2021-11-21 | 5 minutes reading | tags: Linux, Minimalism

Stoicism in modern world

I practice Stoicism more or less successfully for more than a decade. I would like to share with you brief practical cheatsheet, that will show you what (I think) Stoicism is about in real world situations and how can it help you to be better person and live better life.

2021-06-06 | 6 minutes reading | tags: Personal, Philosophy, Minimalism

Finally ready to leave ThinkPad family

After almost 20 years of using Thinkpads, I feel ready to leave this family. I took some effort and focus. It came as a side effect really. But I am very happy for it.

2021-06-02 | 5 minutes reading | tags: Personal, Laptop, Thinkpad, Minimalism