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Is OpenBSD for you?

This blog post is a step by step wizard for those who think about using OpenBSD as a primary OS and daily driver, but don't know if it meets the requirements. I am trying to focus on desktop/laptop use in this case. First thing most people would probably ask is, if they will be able to run their current personal setup after migrating to OpenBSD, or at least, if there is a working alternative for those apps/functionalities which are not available. So here is the software and hardware list of things you need to consider.

2023-03-13 | 6 minutes reading | tags: OpenBSD, Laptop

How to optimize performance on desktop OpenBSD

If there is something I don't like on OpenBSD, then it is lack of information when it comes to problem solving. The main reason, of course, is the size of the OpenBSD community. But even when I try to target the community on the main communication channels like IRC, or Mastodon, I often don't get the answer I am looking for. Therefore, I decided to do it another way. Research the topic, make a blog post, publish it and let people only comment on what is wrong and what is missing. For most people, it is more fun to correct someone, than to prepare the full response to the question.

2023-03-10 | 6 minutes reading | tags: OpenBSD, Laptop

My first year with OpenBSD

Last year in March, I made another review of OpenBSD and finally decided to migrate from Linux. At least in the case of my servers. But somehow I stuck with it on my personal laptop too, thanks to a lucky coincidence. Here is my migration story and my 5 cents about using OpenBSD as a daily driver on all my personal machines.

2022-08-08 | 5 minutes reading | tags: OpenBSD, Laptop, VPS, Self-host

OpenBSD review by Gentoo Linux user

I was never really a distrohopper, I use to stick with things that work for me. I need to use my system most of the day and squeeze maximum from it both in work and during personal free time, because I don't have much to spare. Most of the time, the only reason why I change things is to further minimalize and optimize my workflow. But there is one exception. I always loved OpendBSD and I was coming back to it every couple of years since I switched from Windows to Linux. I got that feeling, that OpenBSD is the right system for me, but it never showed up that way during the practical usage :D So every now and then I install it and try to emulate my current personal workflow on it. You know, just to reevaluate the state of progress and usability. Everytime until now I decided to stay with Gentoo/Linux because of so many missing things. So how does OpenBSD (version 6.8 as current stable) feel in hands of Gentoo Linux oldtimer in 2021?

2021-03-29 | 10 minutes reading | tags: OpenBSD