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OpenBSD review by Gentoo Linux user

I was never really a distrohopper, I use to stick with things that work for me. I need to use my system most of the day and squeeze maximum from it both in work and during personal free time, because I don't have much to spare. Most of the time, the only reason why I change things is to further minimalize and optimize my workflow. But there is one exception. I always loved OpendBSD and I was coming back to it every couple of years since I switched from Windows to Linux. I got that feeling, that OpenBSD is the right system for me, but it never showed up that way during the practical usage :D So every now and then I install it and try to emulate my current personal workflow on it. You know, just to reevaluate the state of progress and usability. Everytime until now I decided to stay with Gentoo/Linux because of so many missing things. So how does OpenBSD (version 6.8 as current stable) feel in hands of Gentoo Linux oldtimer in 2021?

2021-03-29 | 10 minutes reading | tags: OpenBSD